Beat To A Pulp

The Beat To A Pulp Poetry Project is an experimentation of verse written in the style of a complete and original pulp Fiction tale by Jason Disley. It is a series of forty poems that when read in order they will tell a story.

The story is of a small time crook called Johnny On The Spot, his infatuation for a beautiful female Jazz Singer called Ruby – who is in a relationship with Jack Rabbit Blood the local mobster who really shouldn’t be crossed. Johnny On The Spot decides that he really must be with Ruby and believes that he can only get her by becoming as powerful as Jack Rabbit Blood. What ensues is a tale that is a tale of lust, violence, Jazz and prohibition in an unnamed American city. There is a grizzled Detective too. So all the elements of a great Pulp Fiction story.

Here is the first poem:

Johnny- On -The- Spot

At the Trottery

Dancing on a dime


Dead on time

with enough bread to burn a wet mule

Giggle water washing it down

Gin Mill Cowboys watching on

As the Honky tonk angel clings like a rash

Johnny- On – The -Spot


The Jack Rabbit Blood at the end of the bar.

The Gator revealing a Gat

Time to do a Houdini

Time to Agitate the gravel

Johnny -On – The -Spot

Jazz Baby want’s to jitterbug

Now is not the time to

Get wise

It’s a natural gas that you can’t

Zig a Zag

Now is not the time to

Shake the polish off your shoes!

Johnny -On – The -Spot

Jack Rabbit Blood

Has got the blast on you

Cut the scene!


You don’t want to be On – The- Spot no more.

It’s a foul up!

From soup to nuts

Gorilla Jack Rabbit Blood

Has a Moth’s chance in a nudist colony



Noodle it out.


Throwing lead

Fly it through to endsville


Jack Rabbit Blood

Another time.

when its his




Johnny -On -The – Spot

Written by Jason Disley

The plan for the project is to eventually get it published with a collection of original images. If you go to The Beat To A Pulp Poetry Project you will find the collection on Facebook, where most of the poems are available to read. Naturally the end has not been revealed yet as this is being withheld until publication.

For now I will close this blog with the second poem within this collection – allowing you another taste of what has been so far a very interesting project and one that will one day be complete and ready to share.

Jack Rabbit Blood

Jack Rabbit Blood

The man is up to no good

He is the


Cometh the hour

A Gator with a Gat

Who with a smile

Puts lead buttons in your vest



Hot Squat


Being fried

In that powerful chair

He sips juice in his

Cellar bar lair

Knowing he can not be

Fingered for a certain crime.

The Witch with the sleek chassis

Turns her lamps on him

As another bulb


The neon night

Blows out.

Written by Jason Disley

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