UB40 (A Legal Drug) by Tanya Kennedy is a hit!

This book is proving to be a hit. Its first print run of 100 copies Sold out in three days, its second print run has already sold 50% of the stock that was ordered from the printers. In the meantime it has been through the global reach program and has appeared on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and various other online retailers.

Amazon, (as if we didn’t know) is considered one of the largest retailers in the world. So, imagine myself and Andy Kenned-y Tanya’s husband’s joy at seeing UB40 (A Legal Drug) at number 4 in the Reggae Music Book list! To be in the top 10 o this sort of ranking is something to be very pleased with.

Tanya sadly passed away from Cancer last year – but her autobiographical account of being a super fan of UB40, is a wonderful account and a real coming of age tale. It’s honesty is wonderful, and her account of following her favourite band both home and abroad is a fine example of dedication. Her relationships are shaped by her choices, she even got married in Jamaica because of her passion for Reggae and the band. Her relationship with band members is one of initial awe, fascination and then real friendship. So much so Robin Campbell and Martin Meredith contribute to the book – making it a really special account.

#4 in the Reggae Music Books chart on Amazon.co.uk

This book is also quite special because it is raising money for St Margaret’s hospice in Taunton. So far it has raised in excess of £1250.00 and is proving to be a wonderful tribute, and legacy.

The book is published by Beatnpress and is available from http://www.beatnpress.co.uk and many other online retailers

Please buy a copy and help Tanya’s memory live on.

Next week more info on the forthcoming book The Lost Notes by Diz. Which is due to be released towards the end of this summer by Beatnpress.

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