Jason Disley, is an Author and Poet who was born in Salford and was brought up in Prestwich. He now resides on the English Riviera, in the South West of England, with his wife and children. He is 48 years old. His interests are The Beat Generation literature, Jazz music and the history of British subcultures, in particular the Modernist movement of the 1950s and 1960s. He also has a passion for immaculate tailoring, and Scooters.

He has written several collections of poetry the first of which was The New Beat Generation which was published by AH Stockwell in 1996.

The New Beat Generation was followed in 2002 by The New Beat Generation And Other Spontaneous Verse – a collection that incorporated the first collection with a number of new poems, this was also published by AH Stockwell. In 2016 Jason re-released The New Beat Generation And Other Spontaneous Verse through his own publishing venture Beatnpress -which uses Lulu.com for printing and distribution purposes. This was quickly followed by Jazz Poetry -Improvisations In Language -which is the first of a trilogy of Music inspired poetry. Still in 2016 the second part of the trilogy -Beat, Blues and the Rhythm of Fools was released. This book includes a foreword by the celebrated leader in Modernist Fiction Jason Brumell, who wrote of Jason’s writing “Takes it’s lead from the late 50s Beats, with a knowing nod to the Liverpool poets of the 60’s but isn’t confined to the past. It’s about the here and now, the free and how to be, with its deft interplay of meter and space that is … equally reminiscent … of modal shifts … in Modern … Jazz (another clear passion.)

In November of 2016 Jason experienced his first taste of performing his poetry when he was asked to read one of his poems at a Mod event in Paignton. The poem “Fabric” from Beat, Blues and the Rhythm of Fools was read to a large audience -a daunting task made easier by the wonderful improvisation of the headline band that evening who had flown in from Paris: French Boutik. Their cool continental flavour and understanding of the poem, as they played in the background, lent itself very well and the performance was a success. From this single debut performance Jason was then invited to perform at an event called Blow Up! At the St Moritz club in Soho, where backed by another band, Dr Bird, he performed a poem called “Down At The Flamingo” a poem about a nightclub in Soho that was frequented by the early Mods in the 1960s. He also released his latest collection early in 2017 and the third in his music related series: Runaway Soul! A collection of escapist and Soul music inspired pieces. This book has a foreword by the celebrated Lewisham Bard and inspirational Beat Poet John “Jazzman” Clarke whose own writing is influenced by the unusual and syncopated rhythms of Jazz music.

Since his debut of his Spoken Word performance Jason has been a regular at the monthly Stanza Extrava at the Artizan Gallery on Lucius Street in Torquay. He has also performed at the Blue Walnut, doing a support slot at Robert Garnham’s “Juicy” show. Jason has recently completed a new collection of poetry titled Songs of Benevolence & Rage. This collection has a foreword written by Robert Garnham, who has been very supportive with regards to Jason performing at poetry evening’s in Torquay.

Jason is  also currently recording a spoken word album called “Speakeasy” with original music written by record producer, writer and musician Rick Blackman who is part of the Fred Hampton Appreciation Society, a fantastic Soul band who have recently released an album titled Songs Of Love And Resistance.

Jason has also released a short novel called “Seven Day Fool” It was published by Suave Collective Publishing on October 6th, 2017. The book is a Noir/Pulp Private Eye tale set in Manchester during 1965 and visits the popular Café bars and Nightclubs of Manchester during a cat and mouse adventure that hopes to prevent a great political scandal. It visits the famous Twisted Wheel Club not long after it had moved to new premises on Whitworth street, after having been on Brazenose street. It also calls in at The Cona Coffee house, A club called Jungfrau, The Oasis, and other places. There are many musical and style references throughout the tale which has tension provided by the case of a missing illegal immigrant, who was last seen by her boyfriend and his mate. Two young men who have aspirations of becoming club dj’s. What should be a straight forward case turns into something more sinister as the world of international crime collides with the lives of three teenagers who just want to enjoy great music and the Mod style of the era. Jake Brody, Private Eye has a week to find the girl and to prevent mayhem. If he doesn’t -he is going to look a fool.

Jason’s future projects after the Speakeasy album are a new poetry collection cal Beat To A Pulp, which is a series of Pulp Fiction inspired poems that make up a complete story. He has on board with the project an artist and friend called Andrew Shackleton who has recently had a painting curated by The Saatchi Art Gallery. Andrew will be creating a series of illustrations to accompany the collection. With a view to finding a publisher when completed. There is also a sequel to Seven Day Fool in the pipeline called Take It Or Leave It – which is set just a few months after Seven Day Fool. It will be another Jake Brody adventure.

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