The Desired Article and The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind

The last few months have seen a flurry of writing projects turn my writing career into one that is stepping up a level. As I help my imprint Beatnpress spread its wings and add work by other writers, so I see other projects begin to be released. The first was my third Pulp Fiction Poetry collection The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind.

The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind promo. ©Beatnpress.

Which is available now from, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Blackwells and more. It is a collection that sees detective Aldous Beech drawn into a case of discovering the relationship between a white woman who has died and her black boyfriend. Set in 1950s Hollywood the tale of love, lust and danger is set against a backdrop full of jazz and blues.

My first forray into nonfiction is finally about to be released on August 1st. Initially available from Amazon. This book has been one that I am passionate about. I have always been interested in style and the history of style and subcultures. In my new book The Desired Article : A Concise Look At Style which is being published by Zani, I am able to cherry pick those stylish fashion staples and explore their history. The articles that every well dressed man should own.

The Desired Article by Jason Disley available from August 1st 2022. Published by Zani Media.

The book features a foreword written by Mark Baxter, who also provides a wonderful quote for the front cover:

“If you love your clobber, then this is the book for you. Your bookshelf will be underdressed without it, and we can’t have that can we?”
Mark Baxter, producer of of the film, John Simons: A Modernist.

It also has a number of wonderful illustrations by Mark Head.

Some of the illustrations for The Desired Article :A Concise Look At Style by illustrator and book cover designer Mark Head.

So, two books are available in quick succession! There are other projects still in the works, and I am now writing regularly for the modernist magazine Detail. I am pinching myself, and feel like I am realising some of my ambitions. As I stated at the top of the year, 2022 is set to be busy, and I have not been wrong. There is no sign of it slowing down either. With more projects for Beatnpress in the pipeline. Two more poetry collections, a book by Carl Burkitt, and a new edition of Nick’s Gift by Becky Nuttall. There is also a Jazz themed collection of short stories titled Out Of My Continental Mind written by various writers is on its way. The short story collection brings together some tales written by some incredible talent. More information will be revealed in due course. There is also a book titled Sartorial 64 which has been Co written with Nick Keen, and has been designed by Alf Button.

The Desired Article:A Concise Look At Style by Jason Disley and published by Zani promo.

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