Speakeasy: A Modernist Beat Album.

In the not too distant future an album that fuses fantastic original music, that has nods at soul, jazz and Hammond grooves, with my poetry will be complete.

The music has been written and arranged by Rick Blackman. He also plays all the instruments! His wizardry has managed to elevate my spoken words. These are poems that have perhaps been read before in books I have written. It incudes The New Beat Generation, which was originally published in a collection that was published all the way back in 1996! It also includes a poem that has been written more recently, Breathless, which was first published in my most recent book Songs of Benevolence and Rage, (2018)Available here

This particular poem has been beautifully transformed with a fantastic cinematic sounding tune that brings alive the sound of French films of the 1960s. To embrace this wonderful sound. Rick and I took it upon ourselves to approach Gabriela Giacoman, the lead singer of French Boutik,

Front Pop – The debut album by French Boutik

a Paris based band whose music is very popular amongst those who enjoy the current Mod scene on literally an international scale. Gabriela, is actually the person who encouraged me to perform my poetry to live audiences a couple of years ago. Something I am very grateful for. I was thrilled, when she very graciously agreed to not only translate my poem from English to French, but also to record it. The result is a fantastic recording that transports you to France in an era that has been immortalised on the silver screen by films directed by Jean Luc Godard.

The album also includes a poem called The Weekend, which embraces that “Friday feeling” and the need for escapism from the everyday grind.

Other poems/tracks deal with many different subjects and emotions. There is the call for change in Words of Wisdom and another poem The Rebel’s Call , there is the conflict of every day life in Hobos and Tramps, then there is the almost dreamlike surrealistic snapshot that is revealed in A Lazy Sumner Afternoon. There is the quirky and funky track Firecracker In My Mind and there is the a collection of three poems brought together by one piece of music which has simply been titled The Trilogy. Naturally I won’t reveal all the tracks just yet.

The recording of this album has been a very rewarding experience and quite honestly I am really looking forward to sharing it. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to share more news about the album.

The artwork for the album has been created by the very talented Mark Hynds who is behind the excellent Subbaculture Magazine

There is also the added extra of a short scene written by Mod Fiction author and publisher Jason Brummell

Suave Collective Publishing

– who sets the tone of the album and gives it a concept album feel. He introduces the idea of the album being performed in a Parisien club and when the introduction is heard that sense is added to by the distinctly French accented voice of Serge Hoffman, another member of French Boutik.

The album has in part been engineered by John Mathew. mixed by Ean Currie and mastered by Moody Boy at Redcurrent, Brighton.

I will post more updates soon and look forward to announcing Speakeasy’s release.

The album will also be supporting Love Music Hate Racism.


French Boutik and The British Beat Poet

Gabriela Giacoman from French Boutik and Jason Disley Nov 5th 2016

It all started with a Big Bang! Literally – a Big Bang. It was Bonfire night 2016 when I had the pleasure of meeting the excellent and very cool French Boutik, an amazing band whose own music is wonderfully fresh, (Yes! They are not a covers band.) with a hint of all those elements of music that those into the Mod scene like. Whether it be 1960s or the Mod revival of the early 80s, or more importantly bringing something completely new and original. The atmosphere they create is effortlessly cool and electric. They were headlining at an event in Paignton called The Big Bang, which was raising money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. Which was being put on by Ian Loader and Jade Ward AkA The Vinyl Avengers. It was a “Mod” themed night with local bands, DJ’s and The Vinyl Avengers own mix of great music. Rewind two days – November 3rd, I had the pleasure of appearing on a radio show hosted by The Vinyl Avengers. I was there to promote my new poetry collection Beat, Blues and The Rhythm Of Fools. I read three or four poems on air, discussed my inspirations and influences throughout the show and even brought a few records in for Ian to play during the interview . It was a lovely experience, and perhaps the first time I had read anything to a captive audience. For at this point – I was just a writer. I had written several collections of poetry and had even written a novel ( at this point the novel Seven Day Fool was waiting to be published.) But, had not had the opportunity to perform. And, to be honest I hadn’t even thought about performing – despite my affinity for the work of the original Beat Generation of the 1950s and the work of the Liverpool poets of the 1960s. Who, were all well known for being performance poets. So imagine two days later turning up at this event, having nicely been invited to add my books to the merchandising table, to see if anyone was interested. When this tall attractive woman with a blonde Twiggyesque hairstyle came up to me, and asked me in her wonderfully exotic accent if I would like to join the band on stage and perform a poem! I was shocked, felt honoured and was encouraged by my friends to bite the bullet and have a go. It was like an epiphany- this was meant to be. I took to the stage and read a poem called Fabric whilst Gabriela, Serge and Zelda played softly behind me. Gabriela had listened to the radio show, had liked what she had heard, and then thought it would be a nice idea and something a little different. To my relief the performance went down well – I even managed to sell a few books. So it was a success and an amazing evening. French Boutik took to the stage a little while later, and truly brought the house down.

Jason Disley performance debut of Fabric with French Boutik.

Roll on a few months I was invited to perform at Blow Up! at the St Moritz club on Wardour street with another band called Dr Bird. French Boutik were again instrumental in this occasion as they were yet again headlining. Meeting and seeing the band again was wonderful. Naturally these experiences put me on a natural high. I was bitten by the bug of performance and now I actually felt like a real Beat Poet. Locally to where I live, I now regularly perform. Thanks to the Big Bang.

I will also be appearing at Easter on the same bill as French Boutik at the Torbay March Of The Mods

French Boutik have a wonderful album out now Front Pop

French Boutik are

Gabriela Giacoman Vocals

Serge Hoffman guitar, vocals

Zelda Aquil drums

Jean -Marc Joann├Ęs bass

They are often joined by Olivier Popincourt on keys.

More news with regards to French Boutik and The British Beat Poet to be announced in the future.

You can purchase their music online Here at Amazon or at other online retailers or make enquiries about them via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Jason Disley’s work is available Here also at Amazon.

Enquiries about The Vinyl Avengers can be made via Facebook.