May News: Speaky Blinders, Stanza Extravaganza and Jim Morrison.

It’s a been a while – because life sometimes gets in the way. However, such breaks can allow for ideas to germinate and for inspiration to hit. Firstly the news I have is that the second Speaky Blinders is happening on May 24th. It is going to be headlined by the very exciting Jason Vegas Butler, a Spoken Word wizard who has been successful on the Slam circuits. The evening will be hosted by myself and so far -there are some great poets lined up to perform -with open mic slots also available. Jason Vegas Butler (Headliner at Speaky Blinders)

Amongst the poets there will be spots by Robert Garnham, Melanie Crump, Charles Hopton, and the comedic and surreal Steve “O” . Other performers will be confirmed on the evening, but with the standard of those that came to the first evening. Rest assured you will be treated to a very entertaining night. So by Order Of The Speaky Blinders I hope to see you at Peaky Blinders Bar, Paignton, Devon on the evening of May 24th.

Fast forward to Tuesday May 29th.

It’s Stanza Extravaganza time again. This month it is being headlined by the awesome Ross Bryant , whose delivery of spoken word is both breathtaking and marvellous in equal measure. The night’s host is yet again, the charismatic and lovely Shelley Szender.

Now to some inspiration and a man whose work I admire: Jim Morrison. As many will know, he was an American poet, Rock Star and a tortured individual. His looks, antics and songwriting have made him a legend. I have been an admirer of his writing ever since I was about thirteen years old.

Jim Morrison

I recently wrote a poem about him. His writing has inspired my style of writing every bit as much as the writing of the Beat Generation writers. I am not sure why I wrote it. It came Spontaneously and I thought I would share it with you. Here is the poem:

Lizard King

Frustrated dreamer

An unbelievable believer

With concise rambling

Juxtaposed with emotions




Sensory overloads



Fighting to be heard

Not wanting to be left behind


At the front

Pack opens

Contents spill


A trail on a broken path

Stones fly

Whilst Beetles shield their behinds with natures natural armour

The lizard reigns

Basking in darkness

Being misunderstood

And yearning for the

Sleeping Samaritan to awake

What happened to the harmonious


That speak volumes

What happened to the honest benediction

That feels like an embrace

Why do my empty thoughts race





I need to sit beneath an azure sky

Whilst the rider on the storm




Another door will open

Welcoming and wide.

Jason Disley (May14, 2018)

Jim Morrison is often quoted and here is one that has been attributed too him.

Now, like many things he would say – controversy would often follow. Whereas this quote isn’t one I totally agree with -as poetry can often have something to say – I also agree that poetry can open doors. It certainly has for me! Anyway I recommend that if you haven’t read his work, or listened to his music you should. There are some literary gems amongst his poetry and lyrics and maybe he can inspire you as much as he has inspired me. 🤓

The First Speaky Blinders night

On April 5th I had the pleasure of cohosting the first Speaky Blinders evening at Peaky Blinders Bar, Paignton, Devon.

It was a fabulous evening which saw the Professor of Whimsy, Robert Garnham, headline with a set of funny and surreal “poems” all titled “Poem” Robert was kind enough to help me host this first of what are going to be monthly events. It’s format was that of Spoken Word, comedy and an Open Mic night.

For the role of host – I dressed the part and turned up dressed to impress in true Peaky Blinder style. I had a grey suit, a tab, rounded shirt and the all important Baker boy cap.

Suitably attired I arrived at the Peaky Blinders Bar, and was pleased to see a decent number of people there for the evening. In fact every table was in use – it was practically a full house!

We had a great variety of performers some regulars from the local Spoken Word Scene, such as Shelley Szender, Samantha Boarer, Marc Woodward, and Andy Brown. All very well respected performers. Then we had some comedy from a gentleman who was visiting from Hong Kong! We also had some one liners from Steve Bloom. And in the second half of the evening even the Peaky Blinders Bars landlord Jamie Devon go up and shared some of his Pub humour. It was a roaring success for a debut night and can only go from strength to strength.

Preparations for next month’s Speaky Blinders are being made and the Headliner for the night in May will be announced soon. I also hope to perform some poetry with the addition of music at the next one.

So, By the order of the Speaky Blinders – I expect if you’re in the area – that you will be there. There will also be open mic slots available for those who wish to take part.

Keep yours eyes open for further announcements. JD.

Robert Garnham with Jason Disley

Down At The Flamingo – Modernist Beat.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing at the Torbay March Of The Mods where I performed five poems all accompanied by music. March Of The Mods is a wonderful charity event that takes place all around the country throughout March. It raises money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. So naturally it is an honour to be involved.

Billed as “The Beat Poet” I read five original poems:

The Weekend

Firecracker On My Mind

Hobo’s and Tramps


And lastly

Down At The Flamingo.

This last poem is a firm favourite of mine.

It’s about those who used to venture to the famous Flamingo Jazz Club

In the 1960s. Which was situated on Wardour Street in Soho, London. One of the resident performers at this time was the incredibly cool and popular Georgie Fame

who like the Mods and American GI’s that used to frequently go there – was a huge fan of jazz, r& b and ska. Consequently it was a melting pot of all that was exciting in a post war Britain. Multiracial, happy and free to enjoy all that was great. This was the “Modernist” time. And that is what my poem conveys.

Here is my poem Down At The Flamingo

This poem is in my book Jazz Poetry – Improvisations in Language.

Available here :

Jazz Poetry – Improvisations in Language

News: New Spoken Word – Open Mic night. Speaky Blinders

Paignton, Devon has a new evening for your diaries: In conjunction with Peaky Blinders Bar, Paignton a night of entertainment is on its way, a night that will deliver the best in spoken word, and comedy as well as offering opportunities to members of the audience to participate. The first evening will see the Professor of Whimsy Robert Garnham headline, and will include performances by myself and other poets. The plan is to have some great poets headlining each month and for this night to become a regular fixture that will offer a truly diverse range of styles. Expect frivolity and the emotionally moving in equal measure – expect off the wall and the surreal, dark and passionate ramblings – expect to be entertained. Speaky Blinders – Spoken Word at Peaky Blinders Bar, Paignton

So by the order of the Speaky Blinders – get yourself there ,

April 5th 2018.

Here is a poem to whet your appetite: Round The Corner


Give me another
As I express
Those feelings that
And nourishment for the soul.
Brought about by the experience
Of all that is
For life can be tailored only by you.
It can be cut from the finest cloth
Or woven by threads that are coarse and crude.
But what do I know?
My that’s nice.
Just the right amount of heat.
Frothy with the steamed milk moustache
I embark
On another
Caramel coloured reverie
Sprinkled with a dust of something
What will spring to mind next?
I fold the paper and place it on the empty seat beside me.
Knowing that although danger could be round the corner
I am ready to enter the Lion’s den
Jason Disley (March 27th 2018)

Written or Spoken -words and the desire to resonate, demonstrate and be true. The wishes of a humble poet.

It is pretty obvious that writers want their work to do things that mean something to others, apart from themselves, and, it’s even more so true of poets. The wordsmiths who hope to reveal the very many facets of life in a concise manner that not only indicates and describes a notion, a feeling ,an object or subject – but, also manages to entertain. A good story sticks in the mind of the reader. A good poem? On the written page – it may if you’re lucky do the same. When it’s spoken? If it sounds good and has a rhythm and level of delivery that enriches the written word – it can resonate at the time. But, how quickly is it forgotten? How many times must an audience listen to a poem for it to really mean something? These are questions as a writer and poet I have asked myself a few times. It seems for the spoken word of a spoken word artist – it needs to be also read at some point by those that have enjoyed the performance. Then only then can the performance and the creator of the poem feel like they have succeeded with a particular body of work. Poetry is on the up these days. It’s an easily accessible form of art. Almost every city, town and village has some sort of poetry night happening. Even in the mainstream poetry has made a comeback. I say comeback- although in reality it’s always been there lurking, often in the shadows, but there nonetheless.My time as a performance artist is still fresh and new, so maybe my ideas have a naïveté due to a lack of experience. Although I do think I am right in thinking that whereas the spoken word artist has opened up poetry to a wider audience- getting people to purchase books is much, much harder. This though is actually the same when it comes to other forms of literature. Like in the 80s when video killed the radio star, the internet is making the purchase of a good book in hard copy a thing that is slowly diminishing. Future generations will be downloading or if possible listening. A sad fact that is true. Bookstores are not as prevalent in the high street as they used to be. Yet there are still thankfully voracious readers out there and many people wanting to write and create. So despite there being a change in markets the future of creative writing is still as rich as ever.

Here for your pleasure is both a video and the transcript of a poem from my new collection.


Benevolence is the

Virtue of the

Dharma Bum

Life on an open road

Becomes an

Alms race

Yes an

Alms race

But thankfulness

Makes both sides


The wisdom

Creates harmony

Which is only

Fractured by


Lack of understanding



Lack of understanding

As the mountain peak


On the

Shoulders of

Life itself

So does the respite

At the top

Gives rise

To clear minds

And freedom

That is not always

Clear in the forests

Of yesterday.

But revelations

Of harmony

Are always brief


Are Always brief

So live for each moment

And don’t be denied

A chance to breath

In a truth

That is always available.


That is always available

City nights

Nature trail days

Hear the music

A bird plays

Humming to the

Songs of

A beating heart

And an

Open mind.


And an

Open mind.



Is all about





Is all about



Songs of Benevolence & Rage my new collection is available now. Here from Amazon.I will be performing at Stanza Extravaganza on March 26th. Thanks for taking time to both read and listen. I hope my words resonate and reveal my naked honesty. JD.