New poetry podcast – The Mouth debut’s with a performance of my poem Breathless

|Episode 01 – The Mouth,

I was thrilled to see that Thom Boulton’s new podcast closes with Breathless a poem I have written and gets its first online performance. The poem is accompanied by original music written and performed by Rick Blackman. The poem itself is performed by the lead singer of Parisien Mod band French Boutik, Gabriela Giacoman. Imagine the Jean Luc Godard film of the same name

Breathless by Jean Luc Godard

Then imagine a Serge Gainsbourg style tune and you have a pretty good idea at what we have recorded.

Serge Gainsbourg

Gabriela Giacoman has done a wonderful job with this poem which is available to read in English in my book

Songs of Benevolence & Rage

Gabriela and I with a copy of Songs of Benevolence & Rage
Gabriela Giacoman performing at the 100 club in London with French Boutik.