Welcome to my new blog!

As no doubt you already know – I am an Author, Poet and a Spoken Word Artist. You have probably been directed here because you are aware of one of my books or because of a project I am involved in. For that I am grateful that you are sufficiently interested. I hope to add content at least weekly and to provide information on events such as live performances, progress with projects I am involved in and the tales of why and when I wrote my past works. Hopefully providing you with insights into what drives me, what my inspirations are, what other literature I read and so on. I will also share information about where my books are currently available to purchase and eventually will be able to provide a place for signed copies of my books.

To date I have one novella published, Seven Day Fool and several collections of poetry

  1. The New Beat Generation
  2. The New Beat Generation & Other Spontaneous Verse
  3. Jazz Poetry- Improvisations In Language
  4. Beat, Blues and The Rhythm Of Fools
  5. Runaway Soul!
  6. Songs of Benevolence & Rage
  7. Beat To A Pulp
  8. Chaos Reigns Supreme
  9. Angel In Alabaster
  10. Black Dog Days, Cool Cat Nights
  11. Pop Versus Subterranean

I look forward to sharing more information about them and to hearing readers thoughts and reviews about these books which are all currently available over at  http://www.beatnpress.co.uk and Amazon amongst other places.

My poetry books are also available from: Lulu